22 tammikuuta 2018

Maskotti - Mascot

Tämän viikon Makrotex-haasteen aiheena on maskotti.
Minulla ei ole yhtään, niinpä kuvasin kahta Sissin nallukkaa.
Lelujahan ne ovat, mutta ehkä käyvät haasteeseen.
Laitoin ne köllöttelemään ja ihailemaan tulppaaneita!

This week's Makrotex Challenge is mascot. I don't have any,
so I borrowed two teddybears of my cat Sissi. 
There they were lying & admiring my tulips :)

Makrotex Challenge / Mascot

Minä & nallukat huikkaamme sinulle mukavaa viikkoa!
 - Teddybears, Sissi & I wish you a fun week!

21 tammikuuta 2018

Color Collage

This was a fun challenge! I did not manage to create oval shape. This is what I got.

Color Collage 4 / 2018

I'll add tis plain rounds for I think they turned out beautiful.

20 tammikuuta 2018

White Weekend

We got snow alright! Yesterday I was so exhausted from shoveling, you can't imagine.
But today almost totally recovered. The scenery is white, the sky grey.
So no light for photographing. That's why the outside photos are from last winter
when it was  a bit winter sun to be seen.

Sissi wants to go out first thing in the morning. I have to keep a path open for her.
She watches squirrels, blackbirds etc. Even on a leash I have to be careful for she attacks like a lighting!

In accordance with the snowy scenery my tulips for this weekend are white.
I tried to imitate Mascha, for she has a blue theme at her blog.
I used a painting found at a flee market & some necklace to create blue atmosphere.
It is pretty awkward, but I got blue shades!

Green Weekend

Wishing you all a lovely January weekend!